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  • Muscle Car Cleaning
  • Bentley-Cleaning
  • Range-Rover Cleaning
  • Car Lot Cleaning
  • Jaguar-Cleaning
  • RV-Cleaning
  • Porsche Cleaning
  • F150 Cleaning
  • Boat-Cleaning
  • Classic-Car-Cleaning
  • BMW Cleaning
  • Classic-Car-Cleaning
  • Mustang
  • Audi Cleaning
  • Classic Car Cleaning
  • Corevette-Cleaning
  • Equipment-Cleaning
  • Explorer Cleaning
  • Crossover Cleaning
  • Mustang Cleaning

Every day I’m asked, how much do you charge for a detail? And my answer is always the same; each car has a different level of cleaning required. Some people don’t let you touch anything but the door handle. Some have candy stuck to the back seat. To ensure you get the maximum bang for your buck I give you a unique quote every time. With that said the prices below are based on averages.

Full Detail Package Pricing

Cars: $200 – $250

Trucks, Vans, SUV’s: $250 – $350

Large trucks, suburbans, expeditions, passenger van and all extra large Vehicles: $300 – $450+  


– Interior restoration (Ford & GM’s 40 point standard)

– Exterior restoration (as per dealer front line standard)

– Carpet shampooing

– Leather & cloth seat cleaning

– Headliner to spare tire well

–  Hand wash with soft mitt & pressurized water

–  Rims & tires shined

–   Bug, sap, tar removal

–  Light scratch removal

–   Machine or hand wax

–  Windows in & out

–  Vacuum and detail brush

–   Air freshener and deodorize

–  Body clay & high-speed buff upon request

– Low speed buff to polish

– Teflon, carnuba and aerospace polymer wax

Additional Services

- Acid treatment for hard water stains

- Body clay treatment to removal fallout and rust

- Leather conditioning

- Carpet, leather and vinyl dyeing

- Plastic floor liner applications

- Black out and trim touch-up

- Engine cleaning

- Scratch removal

- Headlight restoration

- Over-spray and paint removal

In addition to our exceptional interior cleaning system, we also offer a one-of-a-kind exterior cleaning service. Unlike other mobile car detailing companies, we do not just wash and wax the exterior of your car. All bugs, tree sap, tar, and environmental fallout will be removed, followed by a three step process to ensure your finish has that, “rolling off the showroom floor” shine. In order to guarantee the optimal finish on your car, Robert’s Mobile Detailing & Car Wash Services only uses the highest quality professional detail products, polishes, compounds and waxes. We utilize a variety of premium waxes in spray, liquid, and cream to paste, and we even do overspray removal, headlight restoration, and paint oxidation with high speed buffing to ensure customer satisfaction. Best of all, we will supply our own water and electric to your desired location!